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I am George Chatzigeorgiou and I look for stories.

I am a Greek freelance designer and collage artist currently living in Rhodes, Greece. For my various ventures I look for modernism and functionality in the everyday. For me, good design is a simple way we can say complicated things. Its elements emerge from a confident restraint, communicative clarity, contrast and duality, a rejection of the superfluous, and appropriate use of material and finish.

I use collage as a reverse engineering mechanism to solve the puzzle within me, my curiosity in aesthetics, and found materials. It is an attempt to understand the contradictions between the interior being and the exterior world. I never know what will appear as I am working on a piece of art. I look for mystery, I harness it.

I want my pieces both as a graphic designer and collage artist is to find the power of story, both my own and that of others. I get my inspiration from modern art, grotesque nuances, and the celebration of the ordinary complexity of human emotions through lines, shapes, ephemera, letters, and odd bits.

As a graphic designer, I offer a definite, trademarked, and affordable approach to logo and brand identity and design services. This approach mixes observation, strategy, written analysis, and execution to make each project as close as possible to each company’s brand DNA.

As a digital collage artist, I like things when they are modern, living, contradictory, and well balanced – almost transcendent. A collage is a place to get lost while finding your way in the maze.